Grayson County Animal Emergency Clinic
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Emergency Exam
Depending on the nature of your pet's emergency, one of our technicians will generally get a history of your pet's illness/accident, obtain your pet's weight and vitals and assess your pet's status.  The Veterinarian on duty will then come in and  examine your pet.  Before proceeding with diagnostic tests and treatments, you will be given an estimate of costs that will be for services beyond the exam and emergency fee.

$ 99.50 (Initial Exam and Emergency Fee)
Grayson County Animal Emergency Clinic Services
At Grayson County Animal Emergency Clinic, we take care to provide you with  high quality services  for your emergency needs.
Diagnostic Services
We are able to provide Stat laboratory testing such as Chemistry Panels, Complete Blood Count, Fecal Exam, Radiographs, EKG, Blood Pressure and more.

$  Costs vary depending on the test being performed
Surgical and Medical Services
Our clinicians are able to provide most emergency medical and surgical services.   These services include blood transfusions, soft tissue surgery, Oxygen therapy, Fluid therapy and others.  We do not provide surgical orthopedic or neuro-surgery.  These cases are stabilized and then referred to specalists or the referring Veterinarian.

$  Costs vary depending on the test being performed